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When your start date has been confirmed,  we will invite you and your child into preschool for a settling in visit, where you will both have an opportunity to meet staff and a key worker. Parents have an opportunity to ask any questions and see their child begin to settle. The key person is a designated member of staff who will work closely with you and your child to initially help settle them into the preschool routine and then to plan for their development through observation and planning. Your Key Person will be able to discuss strategies that may help with any concerns you may have.

Before your first day

 We will prepare paperwork and name tags and agree your official start date. Should we feel the need, we will invite you for a second visit.

Learning Journeys

Each child’s learning and development is recorded in a ‘Learning Journey’ which parents and children are welcome to contribute to. Every child’s learning takes a personal path based on their own individual interests and experiences .The Learning Journey shows our observations on your child and any special pieces of artwork or writing they may have done. You will be given access to your child’s learning journey on the online Tapestry system which we hope you will contribute to as well. You are always welcome to discuss you child’s progress with their Key Worker. We have a very open door policy, where you can ask all our staff anything at any time about your child's development, or about what activities they have been doing.

Toilet Routines

We recognise that toilet training takes place at different times for different children. Please let your Key Person know what stage your child is at so that we are able to support you at this important time. All staff are aware of the children’s needs and will support them accordingly.  We support children whatever their needs and can best do this when you keep us up to date with their progress.

If your child is not dry we ask you to provide a named bag containing:


We have lots of fun at Preschool and ask that you do not send your child in their best clothes. Please be aware that children are encouraged to engage in messy activities and to play outside in all weathers. This is an important part of a child’s development at this age. Please send your child to Preschool with a warm coat for outside play and hats/gloves during cold weather, and a sun hat and sun cream in hot weather.  We encourage children to gain the skills that help them to be independent and look after themselves. These include taking themselves to the toilet and taking off, and putting on, outdoor clothes. Clothing that is easy for them to manage will help them to do this.


The healthy snack rota is displayed on the notice board in the corridor. We encourage parents/carers to sign up and bring along a healthy snack for everyone at preschool to share. Snack usually consists of a drink of water or milk and a selection of fruit, and or a variety of either raisins, bread sticks or cheese. From time to time the children may try foods from around the world as part of our theme. If your child has any food allergies or sensitivities please ensure we are informed on the Data, Medical, Consent Information Form, or in writing if things change during their time at preschool.

Our whole group snack time is a valuable opportunity for developing independence.With adult support, children wash hands, pour drinks, select food and clear away after themselves. Social and communication skills are developed at this time with opportunities to chat to each other, share news & discuss the importance of healthy eating. Children are closely monitored and all allergies/intolerance needs are met. If your child has a food allergy/intolerance or a specific diet for religious reasons, please ensure that we are aware of them so that we can meet their needs.

Parents/Carers/Family Members

You are as much a part of our Preschool as your child. It is important for you and your child that you play an active part in this exciting phase of her/his life. You may be able to share a special skill or interest such as music, cooking, dance or even your job. Please feel free to talk to a member of staff and make arrangements to come along.  In addition, put your name down on our parent/carer rota, located on the notice board in the corridor, if you would like to help at a particular time. This gives you an opportunity to see the ‘day-to-day’ life of the preschool and to join in helping the children to get the best out of their activities.

Fundraising Committee

There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved throughout the year to help with fundraising. The money raised is used to buy new toys and much needed equipment for the children.  We have a separate fundraising web page that you can visit using the above link.