Emmbrook Preschool © 2018 | Last reviewed: Dec 2018

The routines and activities of a typical morning at Emmbrook Preschool would run as follows:

09:00 - 09:20 ~ Welcome Time: When you arrive you should encourage your child to hang up his/her coat on a peg. Afterwards your child will collect their name for self-registration. The children will then have free play, giving all the children a chance to settle into preschool before our daily move and grove.

09:20 ~ Register Time: We like to take a “formal” register at Emmbrook Preschool, which encourages children to listen to their name carefully, which is good practise for school. This is then followed by Whole Group Learning Time -  An activity encouraging whole group participation that includes, counting songs, rhymes, letters and sounds activities, songs, show and tell or stories.

09:30 - 10:00 ~ Child Initiated Time: All areas of the Pre-School can then be accessed and children can be outside if they choose this part of the free flowing arrangement. Children go to their activities and can freely move to another activity as they wish. Adults interact with children, observe and collect evidence for the Children’s learning records. Children are encouraged to tidy an activity away once they have finished with it and all children help with tidying up and putting away of toys and activities at the end of this time, this is aided by the use of pictures/labels on our storage boxes.  

10:00 - 10:10 ~ Tidy up room and wash hands for snack: Tidying away toys no longer played with and making the room safe. Practising self hygiene by washing hands ready for snack.

10:10 - 10:30 ~ Whole Group Snack Time: An area is set aside for children to take their snack altogether, supporting their Personal Social and Emotional development skills. The children are encouraged to pour their own drinks, (milk or water) and participate in sharing, taking turns and remembering ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. There is also Water all morning for the children to access whenever they wish.

10:30 - 10:45 ~ Key Worker Circle time: This is an opportunity for children to bond with their key worker and key worker group, sharing stories, conversation and activities.

10:45 - 11:30 ~ Child Initiated Time: Children go to their activities and can freely move to another activity as they wish.

11:30 - 11:40 ~ All activities tidied away: All the children help put all toys back into boxes or draws, ready for the teachers to place back in the cupboard.

11:40 ~ Story/ Song time or Moving and Grooving: During the last 15/20 minutes the group comes together for ‘Together Time’ to share a story,  sing songs or Move and Grooving to music.

12:00 ~ Home Time: Any parent helpers are thanked and children return to collect any creations or pictures they have made. The children sing a ‘Good Bye Song’ and then enjoy the ‘Home Time Music’ whilst they wait in turn  to be collected by their parents or careers.

The exception to this is if we are having natural learning through fun play, which will always have priority!

In addition:

Different Days: We sometimes have a day that is completely different from all the rest such as junk modelling day where children bring in box’s and junk from home which we make exciting. Interesting boats, submarines and castles which we then play with.

Cooking Friday: Guided by our dedicated “chief” we use raw ingredients to make a selection of sweet and savoury food, which are then cooked during the morning and sent home with the children for lunch.  

Lunch Club:  Available Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for an additional hour - please ask for details.

Outings: We like to take the children out and about of the preschool to explore the nearby community where ever we get an opportunity, either to post a letter or collect leaves.